The main focus of the InterSTEM project is the use of digital technologies, interdisciplinary teaching methods, gamification and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) for teaching non-STEM subjects, such as History, Foreign languages or Economy,  in compulsory education.


  • to develop innovative didactic strategies and creative resources for teaching and learning non-STEM subjects in a more motivating way in compulsory education;
  • to build educators’ awareness on the advantages of using combined interdisciplinary teaching methods, storytelling and STEM in teaching non-STEM subjects in compulsory education;
  • to empower non-STEM teachers with the necessary soft skills to support students’ self-regulated learning, digital competence and autonomy in learning so that the student will have an increased learning motivation and will be able to lead the own learning process and choose the way of reaching the learning objectives required by the curriculum.

Target groups:

  • non-STEM teachers involved in compulsory education;
  • teachers of all subjects and educational staff;
  • students involved in compulsory education.

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